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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

What is an Estate sale?


     Typically, estate sales involve selling all the contents of a home because of death, move or a complete relocation. Usually the contents include significant items for collectors or investors, but also include normal everyday items. The ultimate goal is to liquidate the personal property for the highest cash value possible which can be a lucrative transaction for both parties. The challenges include making sure that everything is actually sold & may involve logistics for some of the property items. The key to choosing a good liquidator is a company that has the most interested in helping you accomplish your profit goals effectively and efficiently.


  What should I do to get ready for a sale?

First, make sure all legal channels are in order.  If there has been a death in the family, you must ensure that you have the legal authority to sell any items. Also make sure, that all disbursements have been made to any and all heirs of the estate before you call us for a consultation. If in the case of a divorce or bankruptcy liquidation, make sure to consult your legal counsel before calling us.  Any liens or encumbrances are sole responsibility of the homeowner. Second, please stay away from donating anything to thrift stores or flea markets, you never know what you truly have in your possession, and this will help in achieving maximum profit. Third, show us any and all items you do not want us to sell before we sign a contract, as we base our commissions upon what we estimate the gross sales to be. Any items taken after the signing of the contract are subject to full commission.


  How much do you charge to look at an estate?

 Our consultations are always free of charge, and if an estate sale is not the best option we will gladly provide you with the best alternative for your situation. Please keep in mind that we usually book our sales 1-3 months in advanced to provide ample time for promotions and pricing. There is no money up front and West Texas Treasures will take a percentage from total sales at your property.


 How is your company paid for its services?

We operate on an all-inclusive commission that is based on the gross estimate of the estate sale, there are no hidden charges for you. On a rare occasion there may be some additional fees to compensate for additional marketing costs, security, or compensation for the moving of heavy or large furniture off site. Also keep in mind, since we are working off of commission we are extremely motivated to sale your items at the highest possible value.  Our commission can range anywhere from 25% to 45% of the gross sales which is based upon the estimated gross product of the sale and the amount of work that must be done.

    Do you have any requirements of the estate itself before taking a sale?


Actually, yes, but only a few. You would need to provide to us a photocopy of any legal documents which will authorize you to dispose of the contents. We also require that the homeowner’s insurance on the home itself be current and in place throughout the entirety of the sale. The estate is also responsible for disconnecting any gas or water operated appliances that are to be sold. The heater and air conditioner must be in working

Shouldn’t I wait until my home has sold before I have you conduct my sale?

Some real estate agents may disagree with us on this issue, but the answer to this question is always a no. This can actually take away from the preparation time we put into each sale and could potentially lower sales, as we wont have enough time to properly market your sale.  We want your sale to make the maximum profit which needs plenty of time to gestate to reach that goal. Please try to coordinate the sale of house and possessions as an estate sale could bring in hundreds of potential buyers in your home. We want to do your sale justice, and we need adequate time in which to do this.  Please try to coordinate the sale of your real estate with the sale of your household possessions, as (again) an estate sale can bring hundreds of potential buyers into your home. (By the way, we gladly work with Realtors to market the properties themselves.)

How long should I expect my sale to run?

The sale itself, by Texas law, can only be a maximum of a two day sale on the weekend, usually Saturday & Sunday. In the rare event that an estate has a lot of possessions and we feel that a sale could be a two weekend sale and we will plan accordingly. We do not like to conduct sales on Fridays, as we believe that Friday sales won’t bring in the necessary foot traffic of a Sat/Sun sale. We can also plan to do sales on Fridays if it is on a holiday, or per client request, but again is not advised.

 What do you do with items that don’t sell?

Naturally, we want to sell any and everything that is up for sale, but sometimes items will not sale and there will be leftover items. In one instance if an item of particular value doesn’t sell we can broker the sale of that item for you ,online through eBay, at  an auction, or through local buyers of specific goods. Usually the leftover good are household items or “stuff” and for these random assorted objects we would have a local merchant come and “buyout" the remainder of the goods at a fair price. Or if at the request of the family we can donate all of the leftover items to a local charity.

Do you sell automobiles and motorcycles?

We will sell any goods or items that can bring profit in for the client.  We just ask that the car is in good working condition and has a clean title.

 May I be present for the sale itself?

We find that having the clients on site on the days of the sales could make potential customers uncomfortable many clients may get emotional when they see their personal belongings are being sold. With that being said we recommend the client not be present on sale day or during sale days.

Do you clean the home after a sale?

We strive to pick up large debris and leave the home “broom swept.” Please keep in mind that we are a professional estate liquidation company, not a housekeeping service.

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